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Welcome to the Realm of Econoghost.

This collection of original songs is an attempt at writing some cheerful music based on the sublime krautrock esthetic. The disc is called Anneu'ed (pronounced annoyed) as a nod to the band Neu!, maybe my favorite band from this genre. I didn't copy them on any sort of detailed techie level, but was inspired by their calm, invigorating sound. Hence, the title Anneu'ed.

Mead Hall Studios was set up to emulate the early 70's studio sound that krautrock bands of the day used. I used no more than six tracks for each song, recorded on ADAT and the analog 1/4" TEAC tape recorder. On the Econoghost disc, there's a short listing of the studio instruments and machines used. The project was recorded by Econoghost (me) and mixed at Fidelitorium Recordings with much assistance from Mitch Easter.

Recommended uses: early morning wake-up music, coffee music, party music, driving music and general pottering around music.

Econoghost's global debut is Sept. 24, from the 125 Records website.

Air and Space Museum - Plutorise

Friday, Oct. 18, 2002

By David Menconi

In these politically correct times, a term like "Krautrock" is problematic. Yet it's a legitimate musical genre -- droning, trance-like instrumentals pioneered by 1970s-vintage German groups like Faust, Can and Neu!

Thirty years later, Kernersville resident Shalini Chatterjee has taken time out from her pop band Shalini to make an oddball Krautrock tribute under the name Econoghost. It's called Anneu'ed! (pronounced "annoyed!"), and sounds like just the thing to listen to while cruising the autobahns.

"It's slow rock music," Chatterjee says. "But not sleepy or boring fake lounge. I've been craving something immediate and fun, because that's increasingly rare for some reason. The feedback I've gotten is that it's really good driving music. And [singer] Marti Jones said it will be one of her painting records when she gets back to doing that."


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