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Monday, November 30
Tuesday, December 1
Wednesday, December 2
Thursday, December 3
Friday, December 4
Monday, December 7
Tuesday, December 8
Wednesday, December 9
Thursday, December 10
Friday, December 11

Monday, November 30

Jimmy Kimmel: TBA
Jimmy Fallon: J.J. Abrams, Pink, the Flaming Lips
Stephen Colbert: Aziz Ansari, Shonda Rhimes, Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Liam Neeson (R 11/10/15)
Seth Meyers: Ed Burns, Richard Kind, Judy Blume, Abe Laboriel Jr. (R 9/18/15)
James Corden: Taye Diggs, Amy Landecker, 5 Seconds of Summer
Carson Daly: Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Strung Out, Davis Guggenheim (R 10/6/15)
Tavis Smiley: Sen. Bernie Sanders
Daily Show: Spike Lee
At Midnight: Brent Morin, Rick Glassman, Michelle Beadle
Conan O'Brien: David Spade, Jenna Dewan Tatum
Watch What Happens Live: Donny Deutsch, Scheana Shay
The View: LeAnn Rimes, Stacy London
The Talk: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Bryshere Gray, Ellen K
Kelly & Michael: Michael Chiklis, Uzo Aduba, Michelle Tan
Ellen DeGeneres: Kylie Jenner, Ed Sheeran & Rudimental, Kym Douglas
Wendy Williams: Kim Fields (R 11/5/15)
Meredith Vieira: Scott Foley
The Real: Loretta Devine, guest co-host Trina Braxton

Tuesday, December 1

Jimmy Kimmel: (RED) Shopathon for World AIDS Day featuring Bono, Scarlett Johansson, the Killers, Olivia Wilde
Jimmy Fallon: Harrison Ford, Seth MacFarlane, JoJo
Stephen Colbert: Oprah Winfrey, Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor, Judith Hill (R 10/15/15)
Seth Meyers: Rooney Mara, Paul Reiser, Adam Lambert (R 10/6/15)
James Corden: Krysten Ritter, Ted Danson, the Chainsmokers
Carson Daly: Michael Shannon, Cat Power, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (R 10/7/15)
Tavis Smiley: Seal
Daily Show: Chris Brown
At Midnight: Rob Huebel, Michaela Watkins
Conan O'Brien: Tom Jones, Oliver Hudson
Watch What Happens Live: Kyle Richards, Lisa Edelstein
The View: Neil deGrasse Tyson
The Talk: Mindy Kaling, Michael Yo
Kelly & Michael: Harrison Ford, Frank Grillo, Monica Mangin
Ellen DeGeneres: Wanda Sykes, Kunal Nayyar, Sia
Wendy Williams: Lisa Edelstein
Meredith Vieira: Bob Saget
The Real: Jerry Springer, guest co-host Wendy Raquel Robinson

Wednesday, December 2

Jimmy Fallon: Adam Driver, Lenny Clarke
Stephen Colbert: Bill Maher, Shepard Fairey, Col. Jack Jacobs, the Acro-Cats (R 11/16/15)
Seth Meyers: Joel McHale, Sara Bareilles (R 10/7/15)
James Corden: Toni Collette, James Bay
Carson Daly: Chace Crawford, Craft Spells, Amy Berg (R 10/8/15)
Tavis Smiley: Gloria Steinem
Daily Show: Lupita Nyong'o
At Midnight: Tone Bell, Tiffany Haddish, Colton Dunn
Conan O'Brien: Ken Jeong, Amy Brenneman, Glen Hansard
Watch What Happens Live: Gloria Steinem, Mariska Hargitay
The View: A day of hot topics
The Talk: Morris Chestnut, Lindsay Miller
Kelly & Michael: Mary J. Blige, Faith Ford, Ted McGinley, Lance Ulanoff
Ellen DeGeneres: Anna Faris, Darby Stanchfield
Wendy Williams: Dita von Teese, Ian Drew
Meredith Vieira: Cheryl Hines
The Real: Amy Brenneman

Thursday, December 3

Jimmy Fallon: Mindy Kaling, Daisy Ridley, Gwen Stefani
Stephen Colbert: Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Public Image Ltd., Cee-Lo Green (R 11/17/15)
Seth Meyers: Rainn Wilson, Elizabeth Hurley, Seal, Jeremy Gara (R 11/10/15)
James Corden: One Direction
Carson Daly: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tone Bell, Tennis, Taissa Farmiga (R 10/12/15)
Tavis Smiley: Andrew Garfield
Daily Show: Idris Elba
At Midnight: Marc Maron, Emily Heller, Matt Goldich
Conan O'Brien: Will Forte, Kether Donohue, Weezer
Watch What Happens Live: Adriana Lima, Padma Lakshmi
The View: A day of hot topics
The Talk: Dolly Parton, Debbie Matenopoulos, Jason Santos
Kelly & Michael: Carrie Fisher, Chris Byrne
Ellen DeGeneres: Sofia Vergara
Wendy Williams: Robyn Moreno, Brandy Norwood
Meredith Vieira: Matt McGorry, LeAnn Rimes
The Real: Ashanti

Friday, December 4

Jimmy Fallon: Sting, Mylene Farmer, Eva Longoria
Stephen Colbert: Jennifer Connelly, Judd Apatow, John Dickerson, the Internet (R 11/12/15)
Seth Meyers: Patrick Stewart, Gov. John Kasich, Michael Irvin, George Ezra, Stephen Perkins (R 9/22/15)
James Corden: Cindy Crawford, Matt Bomer, Raury (R 10/15/15)
Carson Daly: Philip Winchester, Ratatat, Jimmy Chin (R 10/14/15)
Tavis Smiley: Carmen de Lavallade
The View: Carly Simon
The Talk: Toni Collette, Chi-Lan Lieu
Kelly & Michael: Justin Theroux, Lawrence Zarian
Ellen DeGeneres: Usher, Coldplay
Wendy Williams: Laurie Schacht, Ali Wentworth, Don Lemon, Bianca de la Garza
Meredith Vieira: Timbaland (R 11/18/15)
The Real: Master P, Romeo, Veno, Cymphonique, Hercy & Mercy Miller

Monday, December 7

At Midnight: Tom Rhodes
Kelly & Michael: Chris Hemsworth, Billie Lourd
Ellen DeGeneres: Harrison Ford, the Acrobots

Tuesday, December 8

Kelly & Michael: Maya Rudolph, Daisy Ridley, Gigi Hadid
Ellen DeGeneres: Samuel L. Jackson, Joshua Jackson

Wednesday, December 9

Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump, John Boyega, Chris Isaak
Ellen DeGeneres: Nick Cannon, pro dancers from "Dancing With the Stars"

Thursday, December 10

Kelly & Michael: Amy Poehler, Mandy Patinkin

Friday, December 11

Kelly & Michael: Lupita Nyong'o, Kirsten Dunst


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