Here is a video I made earlier today:

Carl Kasell is a former NPR newsman who retired a couple years ago but still appears as “the official judge and scorekeeper” on the weekly game show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” This is an excerpt from NPR’s TED Radio Hour. I figured the combination of Carl Kasell plus LOLcats would go viral within minutes of my posting it, but even after hyping it on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, so far, it’s gotten a grand total of eight views. Watch it (it’s only a minute and 15 seconds long) so they can at least go up into the double digits!

(I realize I could probably have done a better job of syncing the LOLcat pix with the audio, but I have “real” work to do and didn’t have time to spend all day on Google finding the perfect images. Nevertheless, I think it turned out pretty well!)

Edited (7/17) to add: So apparently having the “wrong” LOLcats was a source of great controversy. Some of them didn’t exist–what, the NPR producers simply made up captions instead of choosing from the approximately seven million ones out there on I Can Haz Cheezburger?–so I actually went out, found the appropriate cat pix, and made my own. Now it’s completely accurate. You’re welcome, America.

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