“Welcome to Sweden,” Season Two, Episodes 3 & 4

This is going to be the world’s quickest recap because I’m getting ready to welcome myself to Sweden, but I thought both episodes were pretty good, though Bruce’s antics on the ski slopes in episode three (“Scrapbook/Skidresa”–which means “ski trip” in Swedish, by the way) were cringeworthy. The best part was Gustav “adopting” a pet pug, “Gustav’s Dog”; Emma’s brother is like the slightly dumber but equally hilarious Swedish cousin of “Parks & Recreation”‘s Andy Dwyer. I missed Gustav in episode four (“Parental Guidance/Svartsjuk”–which means “jealous” in Swedish). More Gustav, please!

I also loved Birger lustily singing the children’s song “Hela familjen går ut med geten” during the family’s brief car trip to the urban ski slope Hammarbybacken. But the scene where Viveka caught Birger using a Shake Weight in front of the computer (it looked like he was masturbating! Har, har.) was just lame.

In episode four, we have the return of Bruce’s parents, who are trying to persuade the couple to tie the knot in the U.S. There’s a lot of dissembling in this episode; the highlight for me was the tart relationship between Emma and Viveka, who is always best when she’s being brutally honest. Bruce’s mom admitted that she didn’t like Emma’s gubbröra, an anchovy and egg mix; I’d pass on it too. Skagenröra, on the other hand… that’s good stuff.

If I can catch the episodes online while I’m abroad, I’ll try to keep up with the show; otherwise I’ll binge-watch upon my return, since my TiVo will be capturing the back half of the season.

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