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Left Coast Crime 2004


Photos taken at LCC

Here are some photos taken by Carol Fairweather. Thanks to Carol for letting us put them on our site!

  • Bill & Toby Gottfried
  • Organizing committee members Vallery Feldman, Pam Dehnke and Janet Rudolph
  • Bill Moody and his trio play at the Round Robin
  • Bill on the drums
  • Dick Conte
  • Gillian Roberts at the Round Robin
  • At the awards luncheon: Fan Guest of Honor Thom Walls and Toastmistress Gillian Roberts
  • Lifetime Achievement Winner Dick Lupoff and his wife Pat
  • Meg Chittenden accepts her Otter Award (Awards Chair Cheryl Stevens in the background)
  • Rhys Bowen accepts her Bruce Alexander Historical Award
  • Crowd at the awards luncheon
  • Another shot of the crowd
  • Fan Guest of Honor Bryan Barrett and Toastmistress Gillian Roberts
  • A Funny Thing Happened... panel featuring Valerie Wolzien, Parnell Hall, Ed Mitchell and John Maddox Roberts
  • Fact to Fiction panel with Aaron Elkins, Lewis Perdue, Charlotte Cook, Denise Hamilton and Ridley Pearson
  • David Cole and Bill Gottfried
  • Death in Faraway Places panel with Carola Dunn, Lyn Hamilton, Carol Fairweather, Kent Gilmore and Cara Black
  • Cara Black
  • Jeremiah Healy
  • Louis Gottfried in the Convention Administrative Room
  • Bill Gottfried
  • Tina Karelson, Parnell Hall, Jeremiah Healy and Sandy Balzo
  • Paula Woods and Guest of Honor Walter Mosley
  • Guest of Honor Sharan Newman
  • Simon Wood

    Want to see some more LCC photos? There are lots of them at Gene Stratton's site.


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