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Waterstone Guitars

Out of the blue, Robert Singer of Waterstone Guitars asked me to endorse his Tom Petersson signature 12 string bass guitar. Of course I was interested! Thanks to Francis Kennedy of bassgirls.com for hooking us up.
So, Mitch and I drove to Franklin, Tennesee to meet this friendly bunch. We had a great time!
Here I am with Tom and my new bass, a 34" trans pink twelve string. The fabulous color is now discontinued, but anyone who knows me knows magenta is my favorite color. I couldn't believe my eyes.

[photo of Shalini and Tom]

Below is the whole crowd, minus Beth Singer, who took the photo (thanks Beth)!
From left to right: Mitch Easter, Robert Singer, Allison Petersson (Tom's wife), me, Tom Petersson.


Tom is a super friendly star who generously gave me two handfuls of Cheap Trick picks. Again, anyone who knows me knows how much that means! These are really precious. And of course I'll play with 'em.

Great big thanks to Robert and Beth Singer for their hospitality, and for sending us home with fine Waterstone instruments. Thanks! Can't wait to get home and try everything out.


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