Today would have been my aunt Barbro’s 83rd birthday. I had planned to travel to Stockholm to celebrate with her, but she passed away a few weeks ago. I realize that somebody making it to 82 should be cause for celebration, but I honestly hoped I would have her around for a few more years. The only … Read more

What Jennifer Weiner and Moby Taught Me About Success

As I’ve previously covered, one of my favorite days of the year is the Alameda Legacy Home Tour, an annual event in which locals who have painstakingly restored beautiful century-old homes open them to the public. Due to my longstanding interest in architecture and historic houses, I look forward to the tour all year. When I’m walking around … Read more

A Rerun from 2012

Thanks to my friend Jeff, who just posted a link on Facebook to something I wrote back in 2012, which is now relevant again! I just reread it and thought, “Wow, I sure made a lot of good points four years ago.” I Hate the Olympics

Letter to the editor

Nothing says “I’m turning into an old crank” more than writing letters to the editor of a print newspaper! I had a letter printed in this week’s edition of the East Bay Express, a free weekly. So far nobody’s commented on it, which means (a) no one I know reads the letters column in the … Read more

Without Stephen: Here, But Not Here

I came across this article today, a beautifully meandering meditation on one fan’s life after “Late Show with David Letterman,” which went off the air in May 2015. “He shouldn’t have been allowed to retire,” states Julie Hecht. “It was a job, like being President. His term wasn’t over.” There was a time when Letterman was … Read more