Summer’s spiciest movies

I have had no trouble sticking to my post-“Iron Man” resolution to boycott superhero movies, though there seems to be another onslaught on the way. I’m still puzzling out what the difference is between “The Green Hornet” and “The Green Lantern”; all I know is I reserve a special enmity for the latter, because it … Read more

The hype machine

I talk about “Inception” in this post. No blatant spoilers, but a few plot points are discussed. If you want to read about my experience seeing Conan O’Brien at the Herbst Theater on Saturday night, head over to Talk Show News. Was “Metropolis” the “Inception” of its day? “Metropolis,” the 1927 silent film, cost a … Read more

Octopus’ Garden

The World Cup is finally over, and forget about the games — there was no better story than the amazing tale of Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the outcome of every match. Can he also play the vuvuzela? Back in March, I mentioned that I was going to skip reading The Girl Who Played … Read more