After Words

The telephone rings. You pick up the phone and you figure it’s probably another one of those junk calls you get on your landline, the recorded message promising you that you can cut your utility bills, or inviting you to participate in a survey of registered voters. The phone is in your hand, and you … Read more

Just Gone

…And all advice is ways of saying “let it go” Some form of “smile, the world has found a way around the issue” Go how you want to Say it in a goodbye letter Doesn’t seem like waiting’s better It doesn’t take us in I’ll take it well Find quiet ways to gather Close around … Read more


My friend Janet A. posted a link to this wonderful article about Yelp reviews. It sums up most of the reasons I don’t take Yelp seriously–the scathing review based on a single visit during Dine About Town, the irrelevant personal details, the lack of knowledge about the cuisine being evaluated, etc. I have never written … Read more

Kettle Chips Suck

My friend Neal recently told me that he was glad to see some activity on my blog again. I think the problem is that I am always so busy with one thing or another that writing blog entries becomes a very low priority. However, sometimes something comes along that I simply¬†have to get off my … Read more

Roger Ebert R.I.P.

I started worrying about Roger Ebert a few weeks ago, when I noticed the astonishingly prolific critic was reviewing fewer films then usual (an assortment of colleagues, including Richard Roeper and¬†Omer M. Mozaffar, picked up the slack). Then his Twitter feed, usually a constant stream of thoughts and links, went alarmingly silent. Finally, there was … Read more