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Mo 4/15: Seth Meyers, Riley Keough, Black Pumas
Tu 4/16: Nick Offerman, Jack Antonoff, Bleachers
We 4/17: Rob McElhenney, Chris Stapleton
Th 4/18: Zendaya, Freddie Miller, Uriel Valenzuela, Olivia Dean
Fr 4/19: Tom Hiddleston, Joey King, Phosphorescent (R 4/11/24)

Mo 4/22: Kim Kardashian, Ramón Rodríguez, Real Estate
Tu 4/23: Wanda Sykes, Gabriel Iglesias, ERNEST
We 4/24: Carol Burnett, Nicholas Galitzine, Christian Nodal


Mo 4/15: Jennifer Lopez, Alan Ritchson, Gary Clark Jr. (R 2/16/24)
Tu 4/16: Austin Butler, Mark Ronson, Kings of Leon (R 2/26/24)
We 4/17: Julianne Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Joe List (R 3/4/24)
Th 4/18: Shakira, Dakota Fanning, Mo Gilligan (R 3/25/24)
Fr 4/19: Naomi Campbell, Sue Bird, Kneecap (R 3/8/24)

Mo 4/22: Kelly Clarkson, Peyton Manning, Mike Tirico, Carrie Coon, Katherine Blanford (R 3/12/24)
Tu 4/23: Dave Bautista, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Esther Povitsky (R 3/1/24)
We 4/24: Conan O'Brien, Nicole Richie, Liam Gallagher, John Squire (R 4/9/24)
Th 4/25: Millie Bobby Brown, Gordon Cormier, ScHoolboy Q (R 2/29/24)
Fr 4/26: Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Kimbal Musk, Sleater-Kinney (R 3/15/24)


Mo 4/15: Salman Rushdie, Anna Sawai, Terence Blanchard
Tu 4/16: Orlando Bloom, George Takei, Maggie Rogers
We 4/17: John Lithgow, Doris Kearns Goodwin
Th 4/18: Sandra Oh, Reid Scott, Daniel Radcliffe
Fr 4/19: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Bleachers (R 3/5/24)

Mo 4/22: Christiane Amanpour, Wilmer Valderrama, Tony Hawk (R 4/10/24)
Tu 4/23: Matt Damon, Hannah Waddingham (R 4/1/24)
We 4/24: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tyla (R 4/8/24)
Th 4/25: Carol Burnett, Waxahatchee featuring MJ Lenderman (R 3/26/24)
Fr 4/26: Steve Buscemi, Henry Louis Gates Jr. (R 4/4/24)


Mo 4/15: Hari Kondabolu, Dave Hill, Liz Miele
Tu 4/16: Felipe Esparza, Marcella Arguello, Morgan Murphy
We 4/17: Patty Guggenheim, Betsy Sodaro, Utkarsh Ambudkar
Th 4/18: Jon Lovett, Josh Sharp, Aaron Jackson
Fr 4/19: Esther Povitsky, Haley Joel Osment, Steph Tolev (R 3/5/24)

Mo 4/22: Caitlin Reilly, Gillian Jacobs, Pete Holmes
Tu 4/23: Drew Carey, Thomas Lennon, "Weird Al" Yankovic
We 4/24: Lisa Ann Walter, Michaela Watkins


Mo 4/15: Kristen Stewart, Walton Goggins, Aric Improta (R 3/13/24)
Tu 4/16: Chance the Rapper, Margaret Qualley, Emilio Vitolo, Fred Armisen (R 2/27/24)
We 4/17: Josh Brolin, David Sedaris, Paloma Faith, Adrian Young (R 3/4/24)
Th 4/18: Joel McHale, Kyle Kinane, Adrian Young (R 3/5/24)
Fr 4/19: Jake Gyllenhaal, Andrea Riseborough, Kaz Rodriguez (R 3/25/24)

Mo 4/22: Peter Dinklage, Rory Scovel, Adrian Young (R 3/7/24)
Tu 4/23: Maya Rudolph, Beth Ditto, Gossip, Kaz Rodriguez (R 3/27/24)
We 4/24: Jeremy Strong, Amber Ruffin, Fred Armisen (R 4/1/24)
Th 4/25: Tim Robinson, Wendell Pierce, Lindsay Mendez, Fred Armisen (R 4/2/24)
Fr 4/26: Jerrod Carmichael, Stephanie Ruhle, X Ambassadors, Fred Armisen (R 4/3/24)


Mo 4/15: Ben Platt, Sara Bareilles
Tu 4/16: Tom Schwartz, Kristen Doute
We 4/17: Max Greenfield, Pam Grier
Th 4/18: Tyler Cameron, Ciara Miller
Su 4/21: Selenis Leyva, Preston Mitchum

Mo 4/22: Jennifer Tilly, Tumi Mhlongo
Tu 4/23: Ally Lewber, Janet Caperna
We 4/24: John Early, Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Th 4/25: Gabby Prescod, Lindsay Hubbard

THE DAILY SHOW, Comedy Central

Mo 4/15: David E. Sanger, host Jon Stewart
Tu 4/16: Mayan Lopez, host Dulcé Sloan
We 4/17: Orlando Bloom, host Dulcé Sloan
Th 4/18: Brittney Spencer, host Dulcé Sloan


Sa 4/20: Shane Gillis, 21 Savage (R 2/24/24)
Sa 4/27: Sydney Sweeney, Kacey Musgraves (R 3/2/24)
Sa 5/4: Dua Lipa


Fr 4/19: Jillian Michaels, Jon Meacham, Jane Ferguson


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