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Where did the daytime shows go?
Post-strike, the page is going back to its roots as a place for late-night lineups. Find daytime talk show lineups at

Why are some of the names on the lineups page underlined/red?
If the name is underlined, it is a link. Click on it, and you will learn more about the person, either through a link to the artist's own web site, or a link to where you can learn more about and/or purchase his/her/their movies, books or music.

I love your site! Can I contribute money?
If you use the links on the lineups page to buy stuff from, I get a small kickback. You get a book, DVD, CD or wide-screen TV; I get a buck or two. See, we both win! I recommend buying a 83" OLED HDTV or a Leica digital camera. Or, haven't you always wanted your own aluminum soccer goal?

What do the RSS buttons mean?
RSS means Really Simple Syndication. It's a way to for web sites to provide simple updates directly to users. Many sites offer RSS content. We publish the lineups so people can read them with programs like this. Once you download & configure an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the lineups on a daily basis, or subscribe to your favorite show. Note: we do not offer help with RSS reader problems.

How often is the site updated?
The site is updated almost every day, so the info will be as fresh as possible. Occasionally I'm away on vacation and it may be a few days between updates.

How long has your site been around?
Since 1996 (see for proof). Holy cow, we're super old.

Why don't you list guest lineups for all the shows like "Good Morning America," "Today," etc.? / Is there a site similar to yours that lists the rest of the talk show lineups?
I started the Late Night Lineups site because of my personal interest in late night TV. Find additional listings at or

What does the R followed by numbers in parentheses mean?
"R" stands for rerun. You can tell which shows on the page are reruns because of the "R" designation; for instance, (R 6/28/18) means that a particular broadcast originally aired on June 26, 2018.

Why don't you list original air dates for reruns?
I try to do so! The networks have largely stopped designating which shows are reruns in their press releases. If you recognize a show as a rerun and I don't have it listed as such, feel free to write to me and I'll fix it.

What is the difference between "pre-empted" and "rerun"?
If a show is pre-empted, it won't air at all during that time slot. For instance, when "The Daily Show" is off for two weeks in a row, Comedy Central will generally air reruns during the first week, and pre-empt the show during the second week; so instead of seeing "The Daily Show" at 11 PM, you'll probably see an episode of "The Office," "South Park" or another sitcom.

Where do you get your information?
Primarily from ABC MediaNet, CBS Press Express, NBC Media Village, and zap2it, as well as from helpful publicity people at several of the talk shows.

I have tickets to attend the Colbert/Fallon etc. show in 3 weeks. Can you tell me which guests will be appearing on [date]?
I get my information from a variety of sources, and as soon as I get it, it is added to the site. So, just keep checking! It is true that guests are often booked several weeks or even months ahead of time, especially musical guests (who have to coordinate talk show appearances with their tour schedules), but lineups are usually not made public until just a couple weeks before showtime.

My favorite actor has a new movie coming out next month. Can you tell me which talk shows he will be appearing on?
See above. I do not deliberately withhold information from you, the cherished visitors to my web site. When I know, you will know.

Can you please tell me who the guests were on last week's Colbert [Fallon/Kimmel etc.] show? / Who was that fantastic singer or hilarious comedian on last Tuesday night's show? / I'm a huge fan of [big star]. Can you tell me which talk shows he has previously appeared on?
Try for archives of talk show guest listings. Since lineups often change at the last minute, these archives are not guaranteed to be accurate.

My favorite performer was supposed to be on a talk show last night, but he/she wasn't on! Why?
I don't know. All listings are subject to change at the last minute.

I found your Late Night TV page through a search engine while looking for information about [star's name]. However, his/her name doesn't appear on your page. What's up?
When the search engine's web-crawling "spider" last visited my page—which could have been several days or even several weeks ago—the person whose name you were searching on was no doubt scheduled to appear on a late night talk show. Because my page is updated so frequently (twice a week or more), his/her name was removed from my list shortly after his/her appearance.

I'm going to be appearing on a late night talk show! Can you link to my web page?
Sure! I occasionally hear from folks who are booked on one of the shows I list (primarily stand-up comics and the occasional musician). Send me your URL and I'll link you right up.

How can I contact the webmaster?
E-mail talk (at) interbridge (dot) com. If you work for a talk show that airs nationally and want me to add your lineups, and are willing to supply me with them on a regular basis via e-mail, I would especially like to hear from you. I also appreciate hearing about errors in my listings so I can correct them.

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